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Littleton High School Class Of 1963

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We have lost touch with the classmates below. If you are one of them or know of their location, please click on the Contact Us button to your left and let us know how we can reach you or them. For women, we have listed their maiden name. Thanks!

UPDATED 1/29/2015:

Wally Atwell

Karen Aubrey

Lynda Ballasch

Margo Black

Anita Blackledge

Jim Bohannan

Karen Brandt

Ron Briscoe

Chris Brown

Virginia Brown

John Burfening

Sharon Caro

Barbara Carpenter

Carol Chandler

Jim Clegern

Bill Clothier

Carol Cook

Suzanne Cook

Nancy Corwin

Linda Cosens

Donna Cowen

Sandie Cox

George Coxey

Pat Crawford

Paul Cross

Mike Cunningham

Dick Curtis

Melissa Dale

Beverly Davis

Diane Deffner

Roelof Tjeerd DeJong

Mike Dixon

Mary Ann Douthit

Deidre Erganbright

Lynelle Erwin

Dolores Estrada

Eileen Feighny

Crystal Fields

Michelle Finch

Judy Ford

Merritt Ford

Judith Frasier

Gary Freeman

Corky Fulton

Michele Garrison

Jackie Goldberg

Bruce Gordon

Sandy Graham

Jim Graves

Dick Green


Lorrayne Gutman

John Hailes

Roger Hankel

Mike Harms

Amy Harris

Carol Harris

Kay Hartin

Bonnie Hatfield

Bob Head

Jim Herren

Don Hoffman

Doug Horton

Karen Huber

Daniel Indgjer

Dick Johnson

Ruth Ann Kendall

Pat King

Barbara Kissinger


Shirley Lankton

Gary Leete

Carol Listak

John Loeffler

Mike Lombardi

Frank Lopez

Ron Lueck

Gary Magner

Judith Marine

Nancy Martin

Theresa Martin

Ruth McIlhenny

Donald McNeely

Pat Miller

Barbara Mock

Jackie Moody

Virginia Moody

Jean Morgan

Pam Murphy

Doug Neal

Steve Oda

Russ Oliver

Nancy O'Neill

Pat Owens

Paul Parks

Barbara Peterson

Retta Pettit

Carolyn Pinion

Carole Quinlan

Ronna Ramsey

Ray Richardson

Linda Rody

Bill Roush

Susan Rovetta

Theresa Sayers

Susan Schoen

Nan Schwind

Richard Sentz

Sheryl Sheppard

Joyce Shoemaker

Kathy Slaughter

Ron Smith

Terry Smith

Colin Stemple

Ray Stodden

Eric Swanson

Bill Taylor

Greg Taylor

Suzanne Thoben

Richard Thomas

Howard Tucker

Cathy Vail

Peggy Via

Susan Waddell

Sonja Waldmann

Patricia Kay Wasson

Robert Lee Wasson

Charles Wheeler

William Edward Wilkin

Theresa Willett

Fredda Williams

Steve Wood

Bob Woodruff

Sharon Young